critical relationships

Leveraging best practices and guidance from the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals (ASAP), S2R Execution Bridge helps businesses partner smarter and build complementary, reinforcing ecosystems.

Believing that all relationships should be grounded in mutual profitability, respect, and relevancy, we apply our trademark MPR2 formula to assess, engage, and transform the business relationships that matter the most to you, your vendors, resellers, and other strategic partners. 

multi-channel program development for ecosystem momentum

It takes a village to succeed in the technology marketplace today. S2R Execution Bridge offers a range of services focused on building and transforming multi-channel distribution strategies including: designing complementary direct and indirect sales channels; channel program development; partner recruitment and ramp initiatives; Tier 2 Stocking Distribution expansion; and key alliance, partner, and vendor relationship management.

consulting services delivering strategies that drive results

GTM development & business plans tailored for growth

S2R Execution Bridge assists your company in evolving your business plans and Go-to-Market (GTM) strategy as your target markets and customer demographics dramatically shift.