Delivering on our promise to bridge the gap between strategy to results, S2R Execution Bridge ensures that information security initiatives actively enable the business and tightly align to corporate strategy by taking a risk based, "just right" approach to data security, governance and risk management.  Keep information security simple, relevant, and right sized for your organization with S2R Execution Bridge.

Linda has a MBA from Emory University and a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from Auburn University.  She is an active member of ISACA, the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG), and Women in Technology (WIT).  She is currently a Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) candidate having successfully passed the CISM exam in December 2014.  CISM is a registered ISACA professional certification recognizing "the individual who manages, designs, oversees, and assesses an enterprise's information security."  Learn more about ISACA at

  • Business Plans
  • Multi-channel GTM strategies
  • Sales Productivity & Training
  • Key Alliance & Vendor Management
  • Campaign Development
  • Start-up Advisory Support

Zach Klempf, Founder

A1 Software Group, a mobile app development company

" As one of our Angel List start-up advisors, Linda's breadth of experience in sales, marketing, strategy, and information security has been invaluable to our ramp."


  • Risk Assessments
  • Program & Policy Development
  • Awareness Training
  • Remediation Plans
  • Compliance Support​
  • Technology Guidance

over 20 years experience driving results in information Security and business communications technology Markets

A director for over a decade at F500 technology companies in a variety of sales leadership, corporate strategy, global alliance, and channel development roles, Linda Hutchinson launched S2R Execution Bridge LLC to assist small and medium business owners facing similar challenges in their own businesses.  

Adept at analyzing market potential, designing profitable GTM strategies, and successfully implementing them in the field, she has driven consistent achievement against targets ranging from $50M to $1B USD in senior sales and strategic partner leadership roles while working at Avaya, Nortel, and BellSouth Telecommunications.  Her unique blend of technical depth, operational expertise, data security knowledge, and business insight provides a solid foundation to close the communication gaps between siloed organizations and orchestrate successful change management and business transformation initiatives.


We identify potential exposure areas, design programs and policies to remediate, and assist the business in implementation by working in concert with technology providers, providing employee training, and redesigning processes that embed security while enabling the business operational cadence.

Leveraging F500 leadership experience transforming sales organizations, restructuring turnaround businesses, and building strategic partnerships, S2R Execution Bridge focuses on working collaboratively with the business to craft growth strategies that the firm can effectively execute to deliver tangible results.

S2R Execution Bridge works closely with business owners, IT staff, and technology providers to determine the current state of the organization's security posture with respect to threats, vulnerabilities, controls, and risk appetite based on overall business strategy and regulatory environment.



& implementation